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Anatomy of a Terrible Web Host

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Anatomy of a Terrible Web Host

A web host is a company that provides a platform that people can use to create their own websites.


- In 2012:
- 52m websites were created for a total of 634m by the end of the year
- Most expensive domain name sold: ($2.45m)
- Largest domain name registrar: (32.44% market share)
- The average web page became 4% slower to load

What should you expect in a good, reliable web host?

- Excellent tech/customer support
- A proper web host will have tech and support staff who not only speak English and are willing to help, but actually know how to fix your problems
- Tech support is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
- Stuff goes wrong all the time, so your web host should always be available to help
- A near-perfect uptime (time is money)
- A web host's uptime is a percentage that shows how reliable the site is in terms of server availability
- when your web host experiences technical errors, such as a server crash, your site, and everyone else's hosted on that server, goes down
- The lower the uptime, the less people can get to your site in any stretch of time
- Even a 99.5% uptime means that, for 50 minutes every week, your site is inaccessible
- Most web hosts have an uptime guarantee between 99-100%
- These uptime guarantees do not include scheduled maintenance downtime
- All the design features you want for the price you're paying
- Useful software and configuration options
- A control panel with numerous features
- Room for expansion
- E-mail configuration
- Beware promises of "unlimited" bandwidth, disk storage, etc.
- There's always a limit, but you might have to read the fine print to find it.
- Know what you're getting yourself into and read reviews before you decide on a host
- Make sure to shop around and compare prices.
- Be suspicious of prices that seem too good to be true.

A terrible web host has:

- Useless Technical/Customer Support
- They simply don't answer the phone or respond to messages
- They'd "like to help you but just can't access that information", or they "just don't have the ability to change that at this time"
- They use robotic and automatic responses that make getting anything done a nightmare
- Inexplicable Charges
- They increase your subscription fee with no warning or force you to purchase premium accounts
- They make payment cancellations near-impossible and won't refund
- They continue to charge you after you cancel
- Overpacked servers
- This can cause your site's pages to load unbearably slowly
- A study in 2009 reported that 40% of internet users will abandon a web page that takes more than 3 seconds to load